There is the video I found:

I’ve been following Mark Horvath for a couple of years.

I do not particularly like Mark. He is promoting all kinds of bad behaviors, like use of harmful drugs.

He does not really listen to people. While some of the people he talks to say that they become homeless because they didn’t want to live with harmful-drug users, he at the same time supports drugs users and drug addicts, giving them all kinds of services and even calls for buying them free housing with money that is not his own.

He is aware of the problem of stealing is homeless shelters, yet he has nothing against putting thieves and drug addicts in homeless shelters, therefore effectively forcing people who do not want to be stolen from, or do not want to be around drug addicts, to be out in the streets and not in shelters.

Giving away socks

Mark has some proper knowledge about giving away socks.

I was homeless very briefly and I had the luxury of being able to choose which season of the year I wanted to sleep outdoors.

I was traveling, which is not much different from being homeless, short enough to not encounter the problem of broken socks.

In Berlin I was offered free an clean clothes. (I don’t remember if I needed much at that time). In Madrid I found good enough shoes on the sidewalk, so I could use them to replace my own.

In India I was a tourist, not really a homeless man, so I could afford socks, sleeping bags. I could afford a hotel if I wanted to, but I would sleep under the sky for weeks at a time.


Mark is the maintenance guy.

He used to call for making some complex software that would allow homeless people obtain jobs, ID cards, places to sleep, but he didn’t learn how to write such software, so I think he eventually gave the idea up.

He owns a smartphone and a laptop, but to my knowledge he in not developing any app.

He supports people where they are. He is not creating new social structures, communities, organizations.

I am a visionary with little success, but I do not see daily needs, like clean clothes, healthy food.

He sees the need for clean socks, but he has no interest in learning how to white software.

He is not forming partnerships. He does receive donations from individuals and form commercial institutions, but he travels alone.

He documents tent cities, but he does not own a tent, or at least he doesn’t put his own tent in a tent city to directly experience the vibe of a particular settlement.

He used do be a homeless drug addict, and in a much worse situation than I have ever been. He is not using harmful drugs nor alcohol now.

He does have first-hand knowledge of homelessness, but to my knowledge he has no intention to live in a tent long term in the future, or to join a tent city.

I would much rather join a tent city I like, for at least 10 days at a time, or sleep under the sky, or join an ecovillage.


I think a farm connected to Mark’s movement has been created.

I think it is vegetarian, but it is not run by Mark.

I don’t remember whether volunteers live permanently in the compound. It is not being promoted as an ecovillage.

Mark promotes vegetarianism by documenting the farm that has been created for him, while at the same time he is buying hamburgers for homeless people, or eats hamburgers when they are offered to him.


I wouldn’t be donating him money. I wouldn’t have a way of knowing whether he will buy socks with it, a hamburger for a homeless man, or meat for himself to eat during his travels.

He is probably not accepting crypto anyway.

I run an animal shelter and I am learning how to write programs that can be eventually used in tent cities and ecovillages.

I do not support Mark’s meat-eating habit, but eventually and indirectly I may be supporting his movement anyway, if I write a piece of software that supports some of his ideas.


The piece of software I used while I was traveling was a website that used to list gurudwaras.

The website is no longer around, but I think that data about different gurudwaras can be still found in Wikipedia.

I didn’t need an online list of gurudwaras while I was in India, as gurudwaras were easy to be found even without an online list, but I did use such list to find gurudwaras in Berlin, Paris and Madrid.

I am not exactly interested in software listing all emergency accommodations for drug addicts, but I need a piece of software that would list vegetarian-only tent cities, ecovillages, religious institutions, at least thruout Europe.

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